My core competencies are in the areas of corporate design, packaging design, and editorial design.
I develop high quality design concepts and branding solutions for your products, services, and company.


Effective corporate design creates a unified and highly recognisable identity for your products and your organisation. To guarantee a distinctive design for your corporate brand,
I offer the following services:

analysis and evaluation of existing
corporate designs
- advice on creating a distinctive
corporate design
development of labels and logos

design of letterheads, envelopes,
business cards, etc.

design of posters and leaflets


A product’s packaging is typically the first
and most regular contact point with a brand.
The packaging communicates a product’s value, its use, and the philosophy of its manu-
facturer within only a few square centimetres.
I offer the development and design of inno-
vative packaging solutions to help you create a packaging that will grab the attention
of buyers.


Editorial design focuses on the coherent composition of type and image. I offer the development and design of your print products such as:

brochures and leaflets
- catalogues
journals und magazines